Second Chance Design



About Us

"We're a Family Studio who decided to go green, focused on giving cardboard a second chance to become sustainable design objects"


Be Greener through Design

We, at Studio-38, think that there's a big opportunity to be greener though design. Nowadays we're all much more focused and aware of our environment and many of us have come to understand that green is the way to go. We're trying to bring green design closer to customers with products that are a good match between design and sustainability. We know that this is nothing new to the design community but we're trying to give our contribution to the world by doing something we love and help reduce our carbon footprint while doing it. Hopefully, people will also like our products and join us in a "greener" design world.

SWC-1 Clock in the assembly process

SWC-1 Clock in the assembly process

From South America to the World

We have two Studio's, one in Buenos Aires, Argentina and another one in Bogota, Colombia. From these two beautiful cities we work on our designs and ship them to our customers all over the world.